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Aakash Nihalani

Aakash Nihalani created art in urban spaces with the help of neonfarbenem tape. His works consist mainly of glued rectangles and squares. He placed his ‘objects’ at selected locations in New York to the unusual contours and elegant geometry of the city itself emphasized. He wants to give people the chance to give the city from a different angle to consider as usual while breaking for a brief moment from their usual routine.

Map Works

Artist Matthew Cusick creates elaborate collages using discarded roadmaps. Lots of people use maps as source material for collages and paintings, but few do it as well as Matthew Cusick. The Dallas-based artist uses the lines and grids with their varying densities to create depth and values, resulting in stunningly textured images and portraits.

Wire Anatomy

A number of wonderful anatomical pieces by Montreal-based architect Federico Carbajal who uses galvanized wire, stainless steel and acrylic to make these pieces he refers to as “spatial sketches”. Beautiful work.

fauna * initials
Owners Katarina Medić
This is a project I did for fun during illustration class. Enjoy!

"Mirror House" by MLRP, Copenhagen, Denmark

The copenhagen central park in denmark has transformed an existing playground pavilion into the ‘mirror house’, designed by danish practice MLRP, previously covered with graffiti, the structure has been converted into an interactive element, inviting visitors to peer into the gable ends lined with funhouse trick mirrors, reflecting the dynamic activity and encompassing park, the surfaces create a transition between the built and natural environments.

Food Type

The project is a collection of books on healthy eating. It consists of seven books, each devoted to a group of the food pyramid.
The font then is cut in foods from each group (cheese dairy, orange fruit, ice drink, onion plants, etc..).

NY Gallery Sperone Westwater by Foster + Partners

Just opened in September in Manhattan, New York, the Sperone Westwater art gallery, the work of Foster + Partners architects. Surely this is an amazing building by design, innovation and concern for the environment where it was built.

Knots, “Red Thread Sculpture”
Project By June Art

Marvel Minimalist Posters By Marko Manev