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FOREAL™ ‘s Portfolio
Trier, Germany

Paola Pivi, ‘How I roll’ for new york’s public, art fund.

The milan-born and now alaska-based artist Paola Pivi has conceived of ‘How I roll’ an art installation for new york city’s public art fund. The artwork features an endlessly turning six-seat piper seneca plane held aloft by its wings joined to two steel columns and powered by a strong motor system. Pivi’s piece is open to the public twenty-four hours a day, made secure by a chain-link fence encircling the entirety of the plane’s 360 degree range of motion. ‘How I roll’ is displayed in central park’s doris c. freedman plaza on 60th and 5th avenue and is part of a sculpture series by the artist formed from monstrous machines stripped of their typical function given a new range of movement or turned upside down.

Leaves of grass
LIFE magazine cut-outs from 1935-1985 by Geoffrey Farmer

Canadian artist geoffrey farmer has created the three dimensional and sculptural collage work ‘leaves of grass’ for the 13th documenta art festival, which features the works of 200 artists and takes place every five years for a duration of 100 days in kassel, germany. The work spans sixty feet and is built from thousands of clippings from american image-centric magazine LIFE taken between the years of 1935 and 1985. each of the small photograph cut-outs feature various objects from advertisements and articles including politicians to products evocative of a particular point in visual history for the american journal. These excerpts from LIFE are affixed individually to thin wooden posts in order to properly display every image chosen by the artist from this fifty year period. the title of the massive diorama references the collection of poetry by american writer walt whitman and seems to exist as a field of identifiable visualizations representative of the american sense of self-identity through popular imagery during this era.


This watchtower with the shape of a gigantic robot has the exact same dimensions as the original Colossus of Rhodes, which was one of the seven classic wonders of the world. It provides views over the spectacle of the brown coal excavations that are transforming the landscape around the towers into one of Germany’s biggest lakes. The tower is constructed entirely from steel and refers to the industrial appearance of the enormous machines in the open cast mine. Transparent grid floors and metal fabric façades create a game of views and vistas. 40,000 LED lights have been incorporated in the metal fabric, which create a media façade on all sides at night.

Number One
Fedrigoni´s new campaign for paper brand.
CL: Ana Gea & Victor Palau
DS: Gerard Miró


YCN Competition Brief.

Fedrigoni are a well established, Italian paper company who have refined the art and science of making fine quality special papers. My challenge was to create a campaign which will ensure the entire UK design industry hears about the paper selection tool, consisting of 262 various paper samples which enables designers to choose the best shade and most suitable surface for their very next project.

My final design was focused on quality Italian products and pride in appearance. Italian fashion houses supply the highest quality goods in the market, working with the finest materials, my aim was to capture this very same message for the Fedrigoni paper range. I chose to create dinner jackets because not only do they portray a strong image of quality, but just as importantly, classic, traditional design. I developed four templates, one for each element of the outfit, shirt, waistcoat, jacket and bow tie. Once each element is made they simply slot together, allowing you to make your own, and experiment with the different paper qualities and colour combination until you are happy with the outcome. Fedrigoni claim that their papers are ultra functional yet wonderfully expressive, this inspired me to produce a wide range of styles, from simple, subtle colours and patterns to much more elaborate combinations.

The book would be sent to Fedrigoni’s existing customers, of which a large majority are top fashion labels, promoting the new colour tool.

Your Rainbow Panorama
A Giant Colored Rooftop Walkway in Denmark

Reaching the rainbow has never been easier! “Your Rainbow Panorama” by Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson is a circular walkway that sits atop the ARoS art museum in Aarhus, Denmark and gives its visitors a 360° colorful view of the city. This unique rooftop is 150 meters long, 3 meters wide and 3 meters high, has a diameter of 52 meters and is mounted on slender columns 3.5 meters above the roof surface of the museum.

Eight-layers-screen by Akane Moriyama

Stockholm-based textile designer Akane Moriyama has developed ‘eight-layers-screen’ an installation in front of a 10.5m-glazed window in the reception area of an office building. situated in the middle of city of nagoya, japan, the view from the glaze is covered by the neighbors’ monotone walls. the architects needed something to mediate between the inside and outside which blurs the view yet allowing natural light through.

The Lost Art of Hand Lettering
Hand crafted chalk lettering
23 x 35”

Baltyk Tower By MVRDV in Poznań, Poland

"Baltyk Tower" is MVRDV's first building in poland with completion scheduled for 2014.